• Cooking Workshop
We offer the possibility during the year to partecipate in multiple
workshops that lead you to discover new horizons of life in open air.
Learning how to prepare typical recipes using wood products.
You could spend a whole day searching for delicious mushrooms with
the mycologist, or for barries, wild herbs and fruits usable for cooking.
Two days rich of ideas and suggestions to shoot naturalistic
photography and stars at night.
• Photographic Workshop
This particular workshop aims to teach photographic techniques in
particular conditions as by night.
• Dog lovers Workshop
Spend three days with your dog, a journey for both, absorbed by
nature  and the training workshop, guided by an accredited
professional pet trainer ENCI, for rehabilitation, training and agility to
improve and estabilish a good relationship between dog and owner.
• Schools
One more days dedicated to children during
summer and winter to spend moments
submerged in the uncontaminated
nature of our Appennino with lunch and even
an overnight stay in our structure.
Excursions are rigorously of a naturalistic
theme, e.g. searching for tracks and traces of
animals, discovering blooms, trees and
mushrooms etc.
• Workshops for children
Gastronomy, art, small agricolture works and summer camp dedicated to
entertainment and personality development.
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