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Schia Campsite is situated near the Tizzano Val Parma Municipality, in the
heart of the Appennino Tosco - Emiliano, inside a magic wood of
beech trees in the ski district of Schia - Monte Caio, situated in its turn
inside the Cento Laghi Regional Park.
The Campsite is located at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level.
Parma is located about 40 kilometers north, and 30 kilometers south lay
the Lagastrello Pass through which one enteres the Tuscan territory.
From there it's possible to head across the Lunigiana and take the Cisa
SS62 road towards the sea.
From  Milan - Parma
Reach Parma. Take the Strada Provinciale SP
665 to Langhirano. Stay on SP 665, pass
Pastorello, then follow the signs to Tizzano Val
Parma. Pass Tizzano and keep staying on SP 65.
Take the crossroad to Musiara Superiore and
continue until to reach Schia.
From La Spezia - Pisa
Reach Aulla. Take the SP 74 direction Passo del
Lagastrello. Continue on this road until you
reach Rigoso. From there follow the signs to
Valcieca and the SP 68 road. After Vairo
continue on SP 665 direction Selvanizza until
reaching the signposting for Schia - Pratopiano.
Continue on this road until to reach Schia.
Our Campsite is inside the Parco dei Cento
Laghi, which is part of a district that includes
five regional parks and four regional reserves.
This naturalistic system in known as Parchi
del Ducato.
The Parco dei Cento Laghi obtained a very
important recognition from the International
Coordinating Council of UNESCO as it became
Man and Biosphere Reserve under the
UNESCO programme.
parchi del ducato
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Campeggio di Schia - di Castagnetti Jessica - Strada di Casagalvana 38 - 43028 Schia di Tizzano Val Parma (PR) - P.I. 02716860347
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